The Nursery

The new Baby Buns hang out on this page until they are old enough to be listed on the Available Buns when they turn 6 weeks of age.

Share our joy in the newest arrivals as they learn to hop, binky, and do zoomies under the loving supervision of their doting Mama Buns.

Mississippi Mud Pie & Finnigan's Litter - 1 Baby

Missy and Finn became parents again on May 31, 2024. She carried four kits, but two were stillborn and one was badly bruised from birth and passed away after a few hours, leaving only one baby in the litter. Their wee one is a little fighter and Missy has made certain that her baby is not going to become chilled. She covered her little Bun with enough fur to keep it warm on the very coldest of nights. Initially we were concerned about her raising a single baby, but she is doing a great job at feeding and loving her little one.

6/10/24 Update...Missy's morsel of cuteness is doing beautifully. It is especially sensitive to being touched, as it doesn't have the benefit of litter mates crawling all over and snuggling next to it. Because its nervous system is in hyperdrive, it "popcorns" quite a bit when we touch it. All kits react to touch stimuli at this age and stage of development, but we have noticed singletons practically shoot themselves into orbit when we gently touch them. This response lessens as the babies grow and develop, until being touched is a normal occurrence. It's probably similar to someone startling you badly, when you didn't see or hear them enter the room. Since their eyes and ears are still closed until approximately 10-12 days after birth, the world outside of their nest boxes is a huge and scary place. Rest assured, all is well.

New photos of the baby will be added each week and will appear below the previous week's images.

Henrietta & Finnigan's Litter - 3 Babies

Henrietta and Finn became parents again on June 1, 2024. This petite doe actually carried five babies, but one was stillborn at birth. There is a peanut in the litter and we believe it will pass in the next few hours. The other kits look great and are such a fun mix of colors, so we will easily be able to distinguish them from one another. It looks like she has a solid blue, a mystery solid that could be a black or blue tort, or something in the sable family, and a broken chocolate.

***A note about the broken chocolate...with the sudden loss of our buck Pumpkin Roll, we now have only one broken patterned rabbit (Finn) in the rabbitry. In order to have occasional broken patterned Buns, we will need to keep at least one broken rabbit at all times. If anything were to happen to Finn, we would lose the broken pattern. We had not planned to keep any of these kits, but MAY decide to keep this little Bun, just in case, to safeguard the availability of the broken pattern in our rabbitry. That decision will be made as we go forward, but please don't fall in love with him/her until we know if it will be available or not.

June 10, 2024 UPDATE: Henrietta's babies are coming along beautifully! We have determined the "mystery" baby is a solid sable point (which we haven't had in a very long time!), along with the broken chocolate, and darling solid blue. All babies are growing properly and are currently in the "little squirt" stage, when their bladders seem to be triggered by any sensation of being lifted up off of their tummies. :D

New photos of the baby will be added each week and will appear below the previous week's images.

Sable Point
Broken Chocolate
Solid Blue