Meet Rosie

Interesting Facts About Rosie...

  • Rosie and her sister Posey were born on October 19, 2021, here at Hot Cross Buns.

  • Their parents were Primrose and Little Boy Blue.

  • When the kits were four weeks old, their mother Primrose suddenly passed away, leaving us to hand-raise her babies. As a result, they are especially sweet and love to be cuddled.

  • Rosie is a solid squirrel doe.

  • She has had a bit more success in raising babies than Posey has.

  • She has a thick double-coat that needs lots of grooming, especially during a molt.

  • Rosie is a very attentive mama, but tends to become more laid-back as her babies grow.

  • We need to shave the fur on her tummy when she has babies so they can nurse more easily.

  • We tease Rosie and tell her she's wearing pantaloons because her fluff tapers down to her ankles very suddenly.