Meet Quinoa

Interesting Facts About Quinoa...

  • Quinoa was born on January 12, 2024

  • Her parents are HCB's Genevieve (solid cream) & Sweet Tea (opal).

  • She is a beautiful opal doe.

  • She was the only baby from her litter to survive.

  • Because she was an only kit, she was fostered with our doe Pigeon.

  • Quinoa grew up with Pigeon's babies Froot Loop and Kashi, and her original name was Chex.

  • We kept Quinoa because we knew she was going to be Genevieve's last baby before being spayed and offered for placement in a loving pet home.

  • We hope she will be ready to have her first litter in September/October 2024.

  • Quinoa is a very independent and curious girl, just like her mama Genevieve.