Meet Pumpkin Roll

Interesting Facts about Pumpkin Roll...

  • Pumpkin Roll's date of birth was June 13, 2020.

  • His parents are Goldilocks & Luigi, both of whom were from Hook's Hollands.

  • Pumpkin is a broken orange buck.

  • He was originally named "Peachy Keen" and his littermates were called "Truffles" and "Elephant".

  • Pumpkin Roll is half brother to our buck Finnegan, and they both have the same beautiful wide head inherited from their sire, Luigi.

  • He loves to explore and will ignore everyone and everything as he sniffs his way around the room during his free-roam time.

  • Pumpkin Roll is incredibly sweet and adores head rubs.

  • He does carry the throwback angora gene which was obtained during development of the Holland Lop breed. As a result, a "fuzzy" Holland Lop will appear occasionally and will have a longer, fluffier coat, resembling that of one of the angora rabbit breeds.

  • Pumpkin tends to be a bit bashful around the ladies. It takes him a few minutes to interact with a doe when we put them together for breeding.

  • As for his temperament, Pumpkin Roll is practically perfect in every way. He is relaxed and mellow when being cuddled and likes to amuse himself when free-roaming but is never destructive. He has a strongly observant nature, which makes him look a bit grumpy, but he is really one of our most loving Buns. He is not demanding and will patiently await his turn for pets and nose rubs when we greet the Buns each morning, care for their needs throughout the day, and say good night to them every evening. He is such a good boy, he always gets lots of extra kisses!