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Hot Cross Hoppenings

February 22, 2024
June 10, 2024

Pictures of the wee ones are now on The Nursery page (remember to scroll down, past the older photos). All the babies are doing great! Missy's kit is still a solid black, while Henrietta has a solid sable point, a broken chocolate, and a solid blue. They are all perfectly lovely! Click on each picture to enlarge them and see more details. :)

June 7, 2024

Yoga Pants has a new family! He was matched with a lovely couple who are very experienced with bunnies. Yoga is going to be gently bonded with Lulu, an adorable Netherland Dwarf doe. They met today and we were so happy with how relaxed and comfortable they were together. While we are definitely going to miss Yoga Pants' and his goofy ways, we are overjoyed that our prayers for a wonderful placement for him were heard and answered. Yoga's new name is going to be Teddy, which definitely suits him, now that he has mellowed considerably since we was neutered.

Now to find families for our other waiting Buns!

PS All the new babies are doing great. :D

June 4, 2024

We just posted pictures of the new babies on the Nursery page! They are so beautiful and are all different colors, which make taking pictures a lot of fun.

We have also been successful in making spaying appointments for Genevieve (solid cream) and Periwinkle (solid lilac) at the end of the month. We so hope loving families will be ready and waiting for them when they have recuperated and are ready to be placed.

We are getting ready to breed for more babies in the next day or two and are praying for successful litters.

Our two new bucks are settling in well. Gumption (solid lilac) and Sullivan (solid black tort) and working their way into our hearts.

June 1, 2024

The stork finally found his way to the HCB nest boxes! Mississippi Mud Pie (Missy) has a single baby (she lost three others) yesterday. We're most likely going to foster her wee one with Henrietta's litter, since Missy has not yet attempted to feed her kit. Henrietta carried five, but lost one as a still birth and has a suspected peanut, leaving three seemingly healthy babies. Her babies arrived today!

We'll share updates in the days to come!

May 30, 2024

We have posted new pictures of waiting junior doe, Nova. She has become a roly, poly delight!

Prior to losing our beloved Pumpkin Roll, we had put out some feelers about adding a buck or two to our group of herd sires, since we had to retire Yoga Pants and Country Road, and will be having John-Boy neutered soon. With only Sweet Tea and Finnegan able to breed, we knew we needed to find some new handsome boys. We made a couple of road trips over the past week and brought home a little lilac buck we are calling Gumption and a little black tort buck we're still trying to name. The black tort is Henrietta's full sibling, so is a very welcome addition. They are in quarantine for the next few weeks, but as soon as it's safe, we will take some pictures of the new arrivals to share.

May 21, 2024

So we have had to admit defeat on this round of breeding. Apparently all three does had false pregnancies, with pulled fur and nests. You'd think after nearly eight years of doing this we'd be able to spot a pregnant doe a mile away. Nope. These particular does were our sassy ones who tend to dislike having their tummies touched, so we didn't want to make them upset and risk harming the babies by palpating their abdomens against their will. If they were more cooperative, this excitement could have been avoided.

It's so disappointing to email people on our waiting list, thinking there are litters on the way. I'm keeping my mouth shut and my typing fingers mum about babies until they are actually in the nest boxes and have made it through their first 48 hours of life.

Nova is doing great. She is actually a very sweet little doe who can be quite affectionate. My elder daughter is quite smitten with her.

We have reached out to the APL who spays/neuters our rabbits to inquire about scheduling appointments to have John-Boy neutered, and Francesca, Periwinkle, Genevieve, and Missy spayed in the near future. They will get back to us by the end of the month.

May 18, 2024

It has just come to my attention that attempts to submit the New Bunny Questionnaire have been receiving the error message "Something went wrong. Please try again later" message. It dawned on me that we hadn't received any NBQ submissions lately, so I tested it myself this morning. No one actually reached out to let us know there was a problem, but we apologize profusely to anyone who has been trying to start the adoption process with us. I'm working on getting the issue resolved and will post an update when everything is working smoothly again.

Okay...we are now waiting for tech support to find the source of the bug that we apparently have that is preventing us from receiving NBQ submissions. We posted a notice on the questionnaire itself, noting that it would be necessary to complete the form, copy it, and email it directly to us at otherwise we won't receive it. We know this is a frustrating additional step, but we hope the problem will be resolved quickly.

May 17, 2024

The rabbits are driving me absolutely crazy. We were hopefully anticipating the arrival of (potentially) three litters on May 12/13 and zero have arrived. All three does built nests several days prior to their kindling dates and all three pulled a bit of fur. Evelyn and I witnessed movement in two of the three does (the third rarely settles down long enough to allow us to watch her side for more than a moment or two at a time). We went on our mini vacation with a mixture of concern and anticipation, keeping in close contact with my elder daughter the entire time as she kept an eye on the girls as their kindling date came and went. We came home, still seeing visible movement and agreeing to wait another day or two, just in case. Today is Day 36. Most Holland Lop babies are born on Day 31 or 32. The girls are lounging around a lot more than they typically do, are nibbling their hay and eating their pellets in a more relaxed manner, and are acting for all the world like rabbits who are going to kindle at any moment. There is no sign of distress or discharge, no blood spots to indicate an earlier kindling and subsequent cannibalization of babies. We are baffled.

If I somehow wrote down the incorrect kindling dates, I would not have been able to see movement as early as I did. It is possible that we have been witnessing their intestinal tracts rumbling a bit, but I don't think I would be seeing it move backwards and forwards every single time I watch them (Francesca, especially). We still don't know what's going on, but will give it the next few days to resolve itself. If nothing happens, we will be changing their diets because no Bun should have roiling tummies like that, whether they are expecting kits or not.

For our people on the waiting list, if nothing comes of the current situation, Henrietta and Missy were both bred and will (hopefully) have babies at the very end of the month.

These worries so soon after losing Pumpkin Roll are driving me to absolute distraction. My heart still hurts so much with grief over our sweet, sweet boy.

May 13, 2024

We are overcome with sorrow today, after having to make the painful decision to have our beloved buck Pumpkin Roll euthanized early this morning. I took him back to the vet at 7am to have his blood tested again, in the hopes that the subcutaneous fluids and pain meds might have helped him stabilize over the weekend. This was not the case and his results were even worse. The vet suspected liver torsion. We didn't have any options that wouldn't have run into even more costly tests and treatments with uncertain outcomes for him. He was showing signs of distress so we asked if euthanasia would be advisable and she agreed that it was the best option in his situation. I cried and held Pumpkin in my arms as he died. He was the best boy, so sweet and happy all the time. We loved him so much. Hot Cross Buns will never be the same without him.

No baby news to report yet. Three does have made three nests. Today is Day 32, so hopefully they will kindle before Evelyn and I need to go out of town for a few days, leaving later today.

May 10, 2024

We finally have new Nova pictures! This little girl got to serve as a model for our first attempt at making a Bun-sized costume, too. She did not appreciate being turned into a little football, although we thought she looked precious, if not a bit irritated. We are so hoping that the right family will find their way to us very soon to for this little doe. She is so expressive and we know she will be an incredible companion for just the right person or family.

Pumpkin Roll is holding his own. He is tolerating his IV fluids and pain medication well. We were delighted to see that he emptied his food bowl during the night. He has slowed down during the day and has been very sleepy. We attribute this to the pain meds. He is still his sweet self, throughout all of these trials and we love him all the more for giving us kisses when I insert the needle and Evelyn holds him in place while he receives the fluids. We're getting better at it and are trying to make the process as painless as possible for him.

We have a few new items being offered in the HCB Shoppe, so please take a peek if you have time. :D

May 9, 2024 (UPDATE BELOW)

We're getting ready to take Pumpkin Roll to the vet. He's hanging in there, but I'm very worried about the little guy. He is eating his Small Pet Select Treats, some pellets, and a bit of oats, but only nibbles the tiniest bit of hay. I'm praying they can find the source of his discomfort today and fix it, so we don't have to wait even longer for him to feel better and start eating normally again.

We reorganized our header to make it look a bit less cluttered. About HCB and Meet the HCBs are now subtabs of the home page. The Waiting List is now a subtab of The Nursery page. Bunny Care Supplies is a subtab of the Available Buns page. We hope this is more visually appealing, even though it will take our regular visitors a bit of time to become accustomed to the changes.

If things go well at the vet appointment, we're planning on doing new pictures of Nova this afternoon, along with listing some new items in the HCB Shoppe.

Please keep Pumpkin in your prayers. <3 I'll share an update when we get back home.

Update: We're back home with Pumpkin Roll. One of his right side molars IS overgrown, so that will need to be addressed. However, there appears to be another issue he's dealing with that none of the vets can figure out. He lost a pound (which was 25% of his bodyweight) in the past couple of weeks. I believed he might also be dealing with a UTI or something along those lines because he was drinking a lot of water and has a bit of urine scald on his inner hind legs. The vet recommended bloodwork, which came back all over the place. During palpation, she was concerned he might have a kidney issue but, when combined with the bloodwork results, certain levels were quite elevated, but others which would have indicated kidney problems, were not. X-ray was inconclusive because he is so thin and dehydrated, so that didn't pinpoint a problem or rule anything out. The real shocker was his calcium level being through the roof. It's so high that it's off the charts on their analysis system. His white blood count is low. Other things were very high or very low. Some of this could be due to him now being dehydrated. We are doing subcutaneous fluids thrice a day at home to (hopefully) get him feeling better. He is scheduled to go back in on Monday morning (bright and early at 7am) to have his blood tested again and see if he has improved or lost ground. If he improves, he is scheduled to have his molar taken care of, and hopefully that will allow him to regain weight and improve in all other aspects. If he has gotten worse, we are going to make the difficult decision that will break our hearts.

We've attached his bloodwork results below. If any of you have seen these types of elevations in your own bunnies, PLEASE let us know so we can figure out what's going on with our precious Pumpkin. Click on the pictures for more detail. We're going to spend the rest of the evening researching what could be going on, so will do new pictures of Nova tomorrow, after we try to understand what's going on with Pumpkin.