Meet Finnegan

Interesting Facts About Finnegan:

  • Finnegan's nickname is "Finn" and he was named in honor of my late father-in-law.

  • He was born on August 29, 2020, to Primrose and Luigi.

  • Finn is a broken blue buck.

  • He was the only baby in his litter, but was raised with two other Buns in a small litter, who were named Priscilla and Linus.

  • His original name was "Rerun" after the character from the Peanuts.

  • Finnegan was originally given to our friends at Hook's Hollands as a breeding buck, where he was called "Yoshi", but she decided to close her breeding program and asked if we wanted him back. Yes, please! At this point he was named Finnegan.

  • Finn is half-brother to our current does, Rosie and Posey, through their shared mother, Primrose. He is also half-brother to our buck Pumpkin Roll, through the same father, Luigi.

  • He takes after his father by always keeping his head down and looking at the floor when he examines things. It's really difficult to get pictures of him looking up.

  • Finnegan is an cross between a social butterfly and an observant Bun, in terms of his temperament.

  • He loves the ladies (does) and spends his free-roam time hopping from pen to pen to greet each of them.

  • He is very gentlemanly and loves to give kisses to the does and to the people he loves.