Chummy's Page

Hot Cross Buns' Esther - baby squirrel doe on floral background
Hot Cross Buns' Esther - baby squirrel doe on floral background

About Chummy...

  • Chummy was born at Hot Cross Buns on February 28, 2024.

  • She is a doe (female) Holland Lop.

  • Her parents are Rosie (squirrel) and Sweet Tea (opal).

  • She was originally named Esther but, when we decided to keep her as a breeding doe, we realized Esther didn't really suit her temperament, so settled on Chummy as her new name.

  • She has one litter mate, another doe called Nova, who is a solid opal in color.

  • Chummy is a darling spunky, playful little doe.

  • She is sweet natured, but occasionally has a glimmer of mischief in her eyes.

  • She is rather energetic and enjoys climbing on pillows and finding little hiding places.

  • Chummy has a bigger build, so we are hoping she might be a false dwarf, although she has a very true-to-type Holland Lop build.

  • We are hopeful that Chummy will be bred in September 2024 and have her first litter in October 2024.

  • Chummy is half-sister and cousin to our doe HCB's You Are My Sunshine". Their mothers, Posey and Rosie are litter mate sisters and Sweet Tea is the sire of both Chummy and Sunny.

  • Chummy is a bit of a busy body and loves to sit on her hind legs, in the "up periscope" position. She always looks for higher ground as a perch so she can observe the goings-on around her and quickly decides how best she can participate in the fun.