Country Road's Page

Country Road at Hot Cross Buns - solid chinchilla Holland Lop buck on teal background
Country Road at Hot Cross Buns - solid chinchilla Holland Lop buck on teal background

About Country Road...

  • Country Road born on October 12, 2020 at a rabbitry called Hoppy Tales, where he was given the name Squeakers.

  • He is a solid chinchilla buck.

  • We named him Country Road because Evelyn (my daughter) kept singing "Country Road, Take Me Home" on the way to and from the rabbitry where we found him, which took us down many a country road. As you can see, the idea kind of stuck.

  • Country is incredibly sweet and is rather bashful around the does.

  • He is a very small buck and has a difficult time catching and holding the does for breeding. He has been unable to sire a litter for us despite many attempts with virtually every doe in the rabbitry.

  • Country is an especially sweet and gentle buck.

  • What type of home do we envision for Country? We think he would be an excellent bonding Bun, as he has a very sweet and agreeable nature. He seems to enjoy the presence of other animals and would enjoy a furry friend. He is equally as sweet towards people, too, and would settle in happily with anyone who is available to give him a lot of love and appropriate interaction. He probably wouldn't be the best fit for families with extremely busy lifestyles or very vocal children, just because he seems to enjoy a more laid-back lifestyle. Although he is initially a bit shy around new people/situations, he warms up quite quickly and interacts with his quiet confidence and friendliness.

  • All of the Buns go to their new homes with a bag full of goodies including: a packet of bunny care information, a small bag of transition food and hay, a snack baggie of old-fashioned raw oats for treats, a toy, and a fleece snuggle mat.

Color: Solid Chinchilla

Gender: Buck

Status: Available to clients with approved New Bunny Questionnaire status
Availability date: On or after May 3
Placement Fee: $250 ($175 for Country & $75 neuter fee)
Country Road was neutered on April 19th.