Meet John-Boy

Interesting Facts About John-Boy...

  • John-Boy was born on June 13, 2023.

  • He is a solid blue buck.

  • He was born at Really Rascally Rabbitry.

  • As he had not yet been given a name at the rabbitry, John-Boy is is official name.

  • He came home with us at the same time as Country Road, Sweet Tea, and Mississippi Mud Pie (Missy). Yes, a definite theme emerged.

  • John-Boy is Evelyn's special boy.

  • He has not yet sired a litter, although he keeps trying his best.

  • Due to his smaller stature, it's difficult for him to catch and hold a doe. They are very patient with him.

  • John-Boy is a gentle, curious, and slightly timid little guy. He is not as outgoing as most of our bucks, and prefers to take life at a slower pace.

John-Boy is scheduled to be neutered on July 23rd. We hope to list him on the Available Buns page for placement in a loving pet home in late August.