Meet Country Road

  • Country Road born on October 12, 2020 at a rabbitry called Hoppy Tales, where he was given the name Squeakers.

  • He is a solid chinchilla buck.

  • We named him Country Road because Evelyn (my daughter) kept singing "Country Road, Take Me Home" on the way to and from the rabbitry where we found him, which took us down many a country road. As you can see, the idea kind of stuck.

  • Country is incredibly sweet and is rather bashful around the does.

  • He is a very small buck and has a difficult time catching and holding the does for breeding. He has not yet sired a litter, although we keep letting him try.

  • If he doesn't have success in breeding a rabbit in the near future, we will have him neutered and place him with a loving family.

  • Country is an especially sweet and gentle buck who would rather be loved on and cuddled than breed does.

Interesting Facts about Country Road...